Container house

The Detachable Container can be used as refugee camp, labor camp, dormitory, office,toilet, guard house, shop, restaurant, hotel, etc.
The Components:
Size: 2438/*5800*2800mm/2400*5950*2800mm/3000*6000*2800mm
Steel Frame: hot rolled folding steel plate/ square tube/ C-shaped steel strip, etc.
Wall panel:EPS/Glass wool/Rock wool sandwich panel
Ceiling: Color steel sandwich panel/PVC ceiling/Calcium silicate ceiling, etc.
Roof tile: Corrugated EPS tile/Corrugated glass wool tile, etc.
Floor panel: Fiber cement board+PVC board flooring/PVC wooden floor panel, etc.
Outer wall decoration:PVC decoration/WPC wooden panel/Painting
Others:Door/Window/Fan, air condition etc.

Product features:

1.Install time: 4 workers 3 hours
2.Wind resistance: wind speed≤120km/h
3.Earthquake resistance: Grade 7
4.Snow load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
5.Live load capacity of roofing: 0.6kn/m2
6.Wall permitted loading: 0.6kn/m2
7.Heat conductivity coefficient: 0.35kcal/m2hc
8.Life span: 20 years
9.Weight: 1.2-1.3T
10.Delivery time: About 15-20 working days
11.Container loading: 12 sets/ 1*40HQ